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  • Would you like to buy an Avide product but you
    don't know where you can get it?
  • You need further information on an Avide product?
    (e.g. in what color temperature/wattage/size is it
  • You can't find the user manual and you don't know
    how to use the product?
  • What to do when a product is defected and you lost the bill?
  • I don't know if myproducts is still under warranty.
    What to do?

Contact us with all your questions about AVIDE 24/7!
We'll give you an answer in maximum 1 workday.

Avide statement

It does not matter where and when you
purchased it, if you experience any problem
with your AVIDE product please return it back
to us and we'll send you a replacement to
your given delivery address.

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